Color Blocking

Is it that creative designers of the fashion industry are so power drunk and probably bored that they change their minds ever so often thereby dictating to the rest of us? Is it for reasons to do with the economy? As In the more fashion changes, the more we have to spend to keep up with it? Or maybe nothing is new anyway so a lot of us are just going back to the past to improvise on a design or style that existed way back!

I have seen all kinds of crimes being committed all in the name of fashion. The most recent and fascinating in my opinion has to do with colors. Basically wearing clothes and accessorizing with colours that wouldn’t ordinarily match, not to the old-fashioned eye anyway. Growing up, I was familiar with the term colour riot! Two decades down the line not only is the term no more in use but on enquiry, I discovered that even the concept of ‘colour riot’ is now fashionable. It also has a new name. Beautiful Color Riot, Block Colours or Colour Blocking…..Hmmmm! All refer to the same thing?

Color blocking dominated the whole of 2011 and is still dominating the fashion scene and in as much as I have had it up to here, (putting my fingers together to my throat) unfortunately I think it has come to stay! It’s been a season of the good, the bad and the colorfully ugly!


Okay don’t get me wrong. Color blocking is absolutely chic, classy and elegant only if you wear the right colours that soothe your skin stone. You shouldn’t combine more than two or maximum of three “coordinating “and “complimentary” colours! Do you notice I just emphasized the word ‘coordinating” and “complimentary”???  Yes! That’s the whole essence and beauty of color blocking. However, I think this trend has come to the rescue of a lot of lazy people who just don’t want to make an effort to look good. Hence, it has been abused. Just because you think you can wear yellow on blue green and purple doesn’t make you stylish at all. Early last year, I saw a lot of fashion victims and at some point; I thought everyday was some circus carnival. It was all just too colourful in a jagajaga way!

It’s all about mixing and matching. The fact that yellow or green are in vogue doesn’t mean either of these colors will flatter your skin. I love you all so much and I just want you to get it right this time, I’ll shed more light on the theory that you need to wear colours that are in harmony and balance with your natural colouring. Let’s describe colors using these terms: cool, warm, deep, soft, clear and light. Look carefully at yourself and note down:

  • The color of your hair as it is today, whether natural or tinted.
  • The colour of your eyes. If you’re not sure ask a friend.
  • The tone of your skin. Light, fair or dark.

If your checklist matches any of the description below, identify it as your dominant colour and learn how to wear your colours under such description. Please note that your dominant colour might change if you change your hair colour or if you wear contact lens.

COOL: grayish hair (mostly grown adults) fair skin, blue-grey eyeballs. e.g Onyeka Onwenu. Colours to wear; sapphire, fuchsia purple, raspberry (a shade of red), hot pink, light teal.

WARM: light brown or red hair, light skin, green, blue or brown eyes. e.g Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Rihanna and Fathia Balogun. Colours to wear; aqua green, tangerine, apricot (a shade of pink), tomato red, periwinkle (a shade of blue)

DEEP: dark brown or black hair, dark brown eyes, light to dark skin. e.g Anne Haythaway, Funlola Aofiyebi Rahimi, Uche Jombo and Funke Akindele. Colours to wear; royal blue, plum, scarlet (a shade of red), blush pink, lime.

SOFT: soft blended blue or green hazel tone eyes, light brown hair (usually highlighted hair) and fair skin. e.g Rita Dominic and Goldie. Colours to wear; charcoal, emerald turquoise, salmon pink, burgundy, amethyst.

CLEAR: dark brown or black hair. Bright green, blue or topaz eyes. Light to dark skin. e.g Oyinbo people and Lillian Bach. Colours to wear; sky blue, true red, aqua, dark navy, black and white.

LIGHT: naturally blonde. Light blue, green or pale brown eyes. Very yellow skin. e.g Oyinbo people. Colours to wear; icy blue, violet, watermelon (a shade of red), apple green, mint green.

Now that you know the colours that suits your skin tone, go and sin no more!