Nigerian Bridal Beaded Jewellery

Gone are the days when silver and gold were the staple to reflect style and wealth. Until recently, coral beads were the preferred jewelry worn by brides for traditional wedding ceremonies. Nowadays, the selection has broadened to include beads of necklaces, earrings and brooches embellished with gemstones and Swarovski crystals.

Statement bead jewelry are a must-have wedding accessory for both the bride and groom to showcase their personal style and creativity. Even wedding guests are adorned with impressive jewelry, so it appears that brides are going the extra mile to step up their game not be out staged by guests to the extent of a bead wardrobe change.

At a traditional Nigerian wedding, one of the most anticipatory event is the grand entrance of the bride escorted by her friends and the family wives to meet her groom. Guests want to feast their eyes on the beautifully dressed bride and admire her bold accessories, which are regarded as the center piece of the outfit. A favourite tribal beading is by the Edo bride from Benin. Their accessory goes beyond a simple neckpiece to include a beaded blouse that drapes round the shoulder to the arms and chest area, similar to poncho look. The south-south and eastern brides have a similar outfit to the Benin brides but with a complete beaded regalia which consists of a beaded cap, beaded armlet, beaded cape and beaded crown., some even go as far as making a beaded veil! Unconventional brides on the other hand, veer away from the popular red and orange coral beads and instead wear the white coral beads complete with a white outfit, white cap or gele (depending on the tribe), complemented with either silver or gold shoes and bags.

Is your big day anytime soon? Then feast your eyes on these amazing pictures of gorgeous brides and get inspired to personalize your own coral beads and stand out in the crowd.

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