Who says being a Muslim woman is an automatic sentence to a style of dowdiness? A Muslim woman can look as alluring as she wants to without exposing an indecent amount of skin. The key is in the nifty details of putting together stunning ensembles that are guaranteed to turn heads.

According to the Quran and the Sunnah (teachings and practices by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Muslim women are prohibited from showing off their bodies and only permitted to expose their hands, feet and face. This modest style of dressing has typically being viewed as frumpy and drab but thanks to growing global cultural trends, younger Muslim women have elevated the frumpy to fabulous. Owning their own niche in the online fashion space,  Muslim women are looking all shades of glam in their embellished hijabs, colourful kaftans and other pieces of clothing that still keeps their skin elegantly under wraps.

One of such women is Yasemin Kanar, a 25 year-old fashion blogger, Melanie Elturk, CEO of Haute Hijab and London based Hajia Belle, a stylist, personal shopper and makeup artiste, all of whom have become reference points for the modern Muslim woman, well-versed in popular fashion culture.

Muslimas (as they are fondly called) have created style staples that are really funky and edgy as opposed to regular traditional apparel of guinea brocade, lace fabric, or an Abaya with a long hijab. They hold no bar when it comes to scoring high points in the style game of the contemporary age, exuding vibrant colors from neon to pastel-colored maxi skirts, floral print kaftans and accessorized hijabs paired with well-tailored blazers or denim jackets.

These modern styles are truly a fashion inspiration even to non-Muslims like myself. This is what true style is all about; when it goes beyond being peculiar to a certain category of people, tradition or religion, and can be considered as classic, timeless and versatile to all. I consider this is a success in the style culture.

Asalam Alaikum….