Author - Eric Ikenna

ERIC IKENNA,MBA is a creative Nigerian with strong passion for Film Making (Visual editor). Born in Abia State Nigeria, he studied video editing at PEFTI Film Academy and cinematography plus motion graphics at INNER HUB Film Academy in Nigeria.

He has participated in various film and TV projects like Fastest Shedder reality show as an editor, ACTv and Lagos Fashion Exhibition to mention a few.

He founded WIND MEDIA INC., a multimedia company poised at adding value to media content of any organization or individual. He also the co-founder and the Director of Research/Post-production at BEK AFRICA, a visual communications and consulting firm located in Lagos, Nigeria with the objective of promoting African local content and businesses.

According to Eric, ‘Nigeria is a land rich with cultural heritage and potential but at the moment is underutilized” He is passionate about change in Nigeria and hopes to be a force driving in his generation to make this happen.

ERIC IKENNA is a FilmEditor, a videographer and a motion graphics expert.