Author - Folarin Kolawole

Folarin KolawoleFolarin Kolawole is a Geoscientist by profession and a travel blogger and entrepreneur by passion. Combining his background in geology, skills in writing and photography, ardent zeal for adventure travel and passion for promoting tourism in Nigeria, his writing depicts a passionate romance with nature’s endowment. He is the Founder of – a travel blog which has won the Best Travel Blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards three times. He is also the co-founder of Mambilla Gear, an outdoor rock climbing gear company that utilizes sustainable materials for its products, the proceeds of which will be deployed to building a rock climbing community in Nigeria. features poems, photographs, videos and details of over 100 of Folarin’s adventures, travelogue and travel experience in Nigeria. He has since established Naijatreks as a tour operating company (Ntreks Travels) which has been successfully organizing small group tours in Nigeria. Ntreks Travels through its regular Young Writers’ Competition also attempts to arouse the intellectual consciousness of young Nigerians towards the tourism potentials in their environment.
Folarin is passionate about Nigeria because he is inspired by the abundance of unknown, unexploited and endangered tourism potentials the country is blessed with. He hopes to make an impact on humanity by exploring and exposing these amazing potentials. Not surprising therefore that he became involved in the 234Project as it presents another great opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded Nigerians to tell the world compelling stories about the wealth of potentials and investment opportunities Nigeria is endowed with.
Although his travel company remains fully in operation in Nigeria, Folarin is currently in the U.S. pursuing a Masters degree in Geology and - typical of him – exploring the country on outdoor rock-climbing trips.