Author - Temi Coker

Temi CokerMy full name is Temiloluwa Coker (but you can call me Temi). I was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. My dad is Yoruba and my mom is Edo (which I think is pretty awesome!) I got to experience both cultures growing up. My dad has been a full time pastor since I was born so we moved to different states in Nigeria to start churches. I knew I was different when I started making things to pass time. I used to make a small camera out of paper and draw people and “take their pictures” for fun. I would also make fun things out of coke bottles and even make drums from old buckets and what not. At the age of 9, I started learning the piano. My teacher taught me for 3 months and left. I had to teach myself from that point on. About a Year later, My dad got asked to start a church in Canada so we packed our bags and left Nigeria. We stayed in Canada for a year and started a church there, but eventually moved to America. We ended up in Texas 2004. I was about 11 years old. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized that I really had a gift of being creative. I originally wanted to study music, but my parents refused, so I went ahead and studied biomedical engineering. A year and a half into this major, I realized I had to either switch my major to something I love and knew God was calling me to do, or stay in biomedical engineering and make everyone happy. I decided to pursue a different major. Being from a Nigerian Household I was scolded for switching my major and told I wouldn’t be about to be successful in this new field. I still pursued it and graduated within 4 years. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media last year. This major included printing, graphic design, photography and video. I fell in love with photography that same semester when I switched my major. I bought my first camera and had $5 left in my bank account. Although I was broke, I was one Happy man! I still play the piano and have been playing it for about 13 years now!
Fast Forward to today. I am now a Highschool Teacher at my old High School teaching Photography and Animation. It’s pretty cool to be able to give back to the kids. I still do Graphic Design and Photography on the side as well.

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