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6 Nigerians Making A Difference

One of the many things that unites Nigerians is the passion to make a difference in their community.
One of the many things that unites Nigerians is the passion to make a difference in their community. Below are 6 brilliant entrepreneurs that I believe are making significant contributions in their respective industries and have devoted their careers to giving back.

Ola Orekunrin, M.D. Flying Doctors Nigeria
Ola Orekunrin, M.D.
Flying Doctors Nigeria

Ola Orekunrin is a brilliant British-Nigerian medical doctor that is changing the medical field in Nigeria. Born in London, England, she graduated from Hull York Medical School, where she became the youngest medical doctor in England. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria, which is Nigeria’s first emergency air ambulance service. Flying Doctors Nigeria is equipped with superior medical devices dedicated to serving the public 24/7, 365 days a year, even to remote locations. Ola’s work has shown impressive strides. She was featured in Time Magazine’s “Next Generation Leaders” and in CNN’s “Marketplace Africa”.

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The idea of Flying Doctors Nigeria was born out of tragedy. When Ola moved back to Nigeria, she discovered that there was no air ambulance service set up. Ola’s younger sister fell very ill while traveling in Nigeria and due to lack of adequate healthcare and emergency services to get her medical attention in time, her sister passed away. Ola was able to turn this traumatic event in her life into something positive. She realized a gap in the healthcare system and sought improve upon it. Hence, Flying Doctors Nigeria grew from an idea to a reality and now saving millions of lives and undue pain she had to go through. To learn more about Flying Doctors Nigeria and their services, check out their website at


Lilian O. Ajayi, MBA. Global Connections for Women Foundation
Lilian O. Ajayi, MBA.
Global Connections for Women Foundation

Lilian O. Ajayi is the Founder and Executive Director of Global Connections for Women Foundation. She studied International Relations & Affairs at Harvard University and received her MBA from Baruch College. This award-winning young lady has proved to be a true humanitarian. In 2012, Lilian created Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W), a nonprofit organization with the vision to connect, educate, and empower women in underserved communities irrespective of the nationalities or background. GC4W projects a voice for women and equips them with valuable resources needed to succeed through programs such as GC4W Champions, GC4W E-School for Girls and GC4W New School Development Program. Her organization strives to achieve gender equality and sustainable development.

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While on a trip to the city of Karamajiji (Abuja), also known as the Disabled City in Nigeria, Lilian realized huge gaps in the education system, living conditions, and employment rate. In response to the urgent situation, Lilian created the GC4W New School Development Program to ensure the success of young girls with disabilities. In addition, GC4W committed to building new classrooms, providing a school bus, tables, chairs, school supplies, and clean water in Karamajiji. Across the continent and later this year, Lilian is also set to launch in South Africa, GC4W E-School for Girls, an entrepreneurship program for girls to learn from actual founders and CEOs. Lilian is an inspiration to young women and her organization is making impactful changes in the lives of young women in the short amount of time since its existence. Learn more about her exciting projects on her website or follow her on twitter and Facebook at GC4Women.

Paul Orajiaka, DBA Auldon Limited
Paul Orajiaka, DBA
Auldon Limited

Personally, I am excited about this Paul Orajiaka because he found a way to make cultural education fun. His approach was to create a company called Auldon Limited that manufactures African themed toys which promote and teach African children about their culture and heritage. Paul’s impressive educational achievements includes a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Lagos, an Executive Master’s in Business Administration from Lagos Business School and currently earning his Doctorate in Business Administration from Henley Business School.

Auldon was founded when Paul realized that many of the toys being sold and marketed to children in Nigeria had no social or cultural relevance to them. This window of opportunity led him to explore a new industry which at the age of 18 and a capital base of less than $100, is bringing in revenue of about $10 million a year. His products have definitely been well received nationally and have extended into the international market.

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Auldon Limited has manufactured dolls that represent the major tribes in Nigeria, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, which have subsequently instilled a positive self-image in children by empowering them with cultural knowledge and pride in their cultural heritage. Paul’s community outreach uses proceeds from sales to funds NGOs that promote education for female children and assists in renovating schools in disadvantaged regions in Nigeria. There is no doubt that Auldon Limited will continue to experience growth in the future as there are plans for expansion within the country and abroad. More information on their fantastic toys, can be found at

Zubair Abubakar The Nigerian Constitution App
Zubair Abubakar
The Nigerian Constitution App

Zubair Abubakar has taken the law literally into his own hands. As a mobile/web application developer, Zubair created the most successful mobile application in Nigeria called The Nigerian Constitution, which serves to educate Nigerians about the current constitution on their mobile devices. Initially, the app was created for Blackberry phones but its use has expanded its use to Android smart phones. Zubair studied computer science at Ashesi University in Ghana, where he developed his strategic problem solving skills. His other accomplishments include an information portal called Connect Nigeria, and ChopUp, which he co-founded as a social gaming startup that creates locally relevant games for Africans on their mobile devices.

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Zubair believes that we can use technology to solve problems and so he uses his passion for innovation and technology to make important information available to millions of Nigerians through his mobile app. has compelling articles about current affairs, events, job postings, local deals/discounts, and real estate information among other topics. In addition to the information provided by the app, users can ask questions, which are answered by a lawyer. Download the app today at and follow Zubair on twitter @zubairabubakar to stay up to date with his exciting projects.

Denise Ajayi Williams Working Mom in 1920s
Denise Ajayi Williams
Working Mom in 1920s

Denise Ajayi attended the University of California where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics Administration and is currently working on her MBA at Golden Gate University, San Francisco CA. Denise is the Founder and Creative Director of Working Mom in 1920s and the Best Selling Author of a children’s book titled Akiti the Hunter. Together with her husband Hayden Williams III, they are a powerful duo working to redefine the word feminist. Working Mom in 1920s provides a platform for women to rewrite history by challenging their traditional roles and redefining their position. This is powerful organization celebrates women by encouraging them to change their mindset to eliminate any limitations or preconception set by history. Women from different backgrounds share their experiences or expertise through discussion and articles on various topics.

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I personally appreciate this organization because it brings women together, mothers or not, there are so many benefits of sharing ideas and supporting one another as women. As an author, Denise wrote Akiti the Hunter to spread a multicultural message on the importance of diversifying superheroes. Did you know that Akiti is the first African superhero presented in a cartoon format that children of color can relate to? Denise has had a successful book signing at Barnes and Noble and she is working on bringing Akiti to life on major networks in the United States. Check out her website at to join the discussion and keep up with her achievements.

Kenneth Gyang Cinema Kpatakpata
Kenneth Gyang
Cinema Kpatakpata

Kenneth Gyang is a celebrated Nollywood filmmaker that got his debut in 2012 when he directed a feature film titled Blood and Henna. His next feature Confusion Na Wa in 2013 was screened at the New York African Film Festival at the Lincoln Center in 2014 and has won many awards including Best Film at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. Kenneth is from Plateau State, Nigeria and attended the National Film Institute in Jos where he received a degree in producing and directing. Kenneth sets himself apart by deciphering different ways of telling a story and focusing on the quality of the picture.

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In 2010, Kenneth was voted by Y Magazine Nigeria as one of 50 people under 35 that would change the Nigerian film industry with regard to cinematography. In 2010, Kenneth and his business partners, Yinka Edward and Tom Rowlands-Rees formed a film production company called Cinema Kpatakpata as a collaboration to produce quality feature films, documentaries, and television shows in Nigeria and through out Africa at an appropriate cost that delivers value. Follow Kenneth Gyang on twitter @degyangs and check out his company website