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Nigeria’s 1st Tablet Computer
Our Mission is to express and preserve cultures using technology.
Currently, most Nigerians use foreign made tablets such as the Ipad and Android products to source information however, there is a dearth of local information on these tablets.  To address this, the Encipher Group created the 1st Nigerian made tablet that caters to the Nigerian market and employs talented Nigerian developers.


Encipher Group is the brainchild of Saheed Adepoju, and cofounder Anibe Agamah.  The two friends have always had an affinity for computer games and programming where Anibe had a more artistic inclination and studied computer science with a focus on web application development while Adepoju focused on software engineering at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom.  The company started in the UK in 2008 and utilizing the strengths of both founders developed the first Android-based tablet in Nigeria/Africa.

To provide the opportunity for Nigerian developers to build Apps, Adepoju built a tablet that would run on the open and easily adaptable Android OS (operating system).  This has provided much needed content to indigenous consumers.  In April 2010, Encipher Group entered the tablet market by creating the INYE1 and INYE2 tablets.

INYE 1: INYE means Number 1 and is derived from the Nigerian Igala language.  Unveiled in April 2010, INYE 1 is a 7-inch tablet that runs on Android 2.1 with an inbuilt Wi-Fi card and an external 3G modem from GSM networks. It has a 3-hour battery life, and HDMI connectivity to devices like TVs and USB outlet.

INYE 2: The recently unveiled tablet has all the capabilities of the INYE1 with certain improvements that include a bigger 9.7-inch screen, runs on Android 4.1, Wi-Fi connection plus an inbuilt SIM card and a better battery life of 6 hours compared to its 3-hour INYE 1 counterpart.

Progress Report & 234 Impact

Job Creation for Nigerian App Developers

Encipher Group hires developers and other staff in the creation of this very relevant Nigerian based Tablet.  The Encipher core value is the belief that “developers ought to earn from their ideas and creativity” in this way, creating a unique and adaptable format for the Nigerian market.

Future Technological Outlook

The sky is the limit for the Encipher Group.  They have been featured on CNN, GIGaom, Forbes and The Sunday Times Magazine.  As the INYE is being developed and tweaked, many newer versions will become available.  The Group is also looking to expand into Encipher TV, which is a setup box that will allow broadcast of local programs over the Internet.