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Solophone is an experience-driven smart phone and digital content company
Ever since it was presented to the public in 2012, the company Solophone has been able to stand out due to its innovation on the mobile platform. It currently delivers the best services and content in the field to African consumers.


Solophone is an experience-driven smart phone and digital content company that was founded by Nigerian-born Tayo Ogundipe. He stated that the mission of his team is to combine their roots in emerging markets with their worldwide industry experience in mobile telecommunications to deliver the most complete and compelling experience on an affordable smartphone devices across the African continent as well as other emerging markets.

Leading a highly experienced telecommunication professional team, his company has become well-known around the globe for going the extra mile in order to provide the best solutions to the African population. Mr. Ogundipe was once a senior global executive at Sony Ericsson and HTC, as such; he has a lot of experience under his belt and an understanding of what the public needs and wants.

Since the Solophone’s management team brings an atypical blend of global sector expertise with meaningful knowledge of African markets, the company has been able to conceive and thus implement a mobile consumer proposition that suits African countries. It provides a never before seen revolutionary new customer-centered experience, content and service that comes packaged with competitive data bundles from mobile operator partners.

Solophone is 100% committed to offering consumers elegant and affordable smart phones with the greatest international and local content currently available. In addition, their devices are certified by Google and operate on the Android system, which provides unlimited access to more than twenty million international and local songs for free through the built-in Solophone music platform.

Investors in Solophone

A handful of investors are observing the growth and impact of Solophone.  Most recently, Adlevo Capital  has made significant investment in Solophone that  will allow market expansion across Nigeria, a market that contains more than 160 million individuals.


Ogundipe, who now serves as the CEO, said that his company took great pride in the devices that they had unveiled, further stating that his company is “dedicated to the Nigerian market” and “committed to bringing an unparalleled entertainment experience” to the people of his country on “compelling” mobile phones, at a price that anybody can afford. This company shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as the team works to constantly produce creative and innovative means to take their devices to the next level.