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Africa's #1 Travel Booking Portal
“Waka” is a Nigerian Pidgin English word that literally means “walk or go”, hence wakanow means go now.

The company was founded in 2008 by Obinna Ekezie and is the first online travel portal for Nigeria outbound travel.


A Nigerian native from Port Harcourt, Obinnna Ekezie is a former professional NBA Player for the Vancouver Grizzlies, Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Atlanta Hawks. Obinna is the owner and founder of, one of the fastest growing and largest Internet travel sites in Africa.  Prior to the launch of Wakanow, most travelers paid a fee to use travel agents and therefore did not have access to online discounted fares that others in the Diaspora enjoy.  As such Wakanow offers best deals on flights, hotels, airport pickups and vacation packages focused on the Nigerian and African travel markets.

Old Skool Travel Process

Wakanow Services

In addition to flights and hotel deals, wakanow offers more to the public by providing services for:

  1. Vacation packages
  2. Airport pick up
  3. Visa assistance
  4. Travel SIM cards
  5. Special packages for weddings, school, sports and faith based travels

Progress Report & 234 Impact

International Recognition

Wakanow was awarded the exclusive license in 2010 as the World Cup’s authorized ticket re-seller.

Job creation in the Travel sector

Wakanow is located in Lekki Peninsula in Lagos and is rapidly growing since its inception in 2008. It has seen tremendous growth and has since opened its 2nd office in Dubai in 2013. The expansion of the company shows promise of continued growth and jobs in the travel sector in Nigeria.

Technological Horizon

The future looks bright for the company when in 2011 it entered into the m-commerce (mobile commerce) market as the 1st Nigerian mobile Travel app on the RIM Blackberry platform.

The company is affiliated with Interswitch (online payment transfer service) and PayPal, to provide users with a secure alternative to using credit cards for purchases.  In addition the company recently partnered with UBA (United Bank of Africa) to provide a Wakanow Visa Credit card, a loyalty travel credit card.

Technological advancement is making huge strides in Nigeria.  It is creating a return of the brain drain that the country witnessed years ago and is opening up phenomenal outlets for recovery and improvements much needed infrastructure in the emerging market of Nigeria.