8 Sites That Empower You

Free Online Courses To A Better You

Continuous learning  is necessary step to develop both professionally and personally. The competitive job market leave no windows for unprepared, unskilled or unaspiring individuals therefore acquiring new skills and honing previous ones is a sure way to get ahead. Going back to school would have been a viable solution, however with the advancement of technology, web-based tutorials and distant learning are rapidly available.

Khan Academy uses short instructional videos and practice exercises presented in English and available in other languages. Learn or brush-up on a variety of subjects including mathematics, science, computer programming, history, art history, and economics among other courses. (www.khanacademy.org)

Cousera offers more than 1,000 free courses with optional verified certificate courses. They partner with top universities like Stanford, Yale and Princeton offering short instructional videos, interactive quizzes, peer graded assessments and discussion board to connect with other learners and instructors. (www.coursera.org)

Tickle App is a fun collaborative program to learn about programming arduino, drones, robots, connected toys, and smart home devices. (https://tickleapp.com/)

TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design and is mostly known for its informative and inspirational talks ranging from global issues to business. TED-Ed was created in 2012 as an education initiative for both students and educators to enhance learning and teaching approaches. (http://ed.ted.com)

Academic Earth partners with top universities including 6 of the Ivy League institutions to offer college courses categorized by topic and university. They also provide information guide on the steps required to gain an online degree in a variety of fields. (www.academicearth.org)

Code Academy  is an interactive free platform with the slogan, Teaching the World Cow to code. The site offers instructional learning on how to make a website, learn SQL, JAVA or program Ruby, to name a few. (www.codecademy.com)

Udemy is an online market place that offers courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography at a tailored pace on any device. (https://www.udemy.com)

edX  was founded by Harvard University and MIT and offers over 500 high quality courses with the option of obtaining official credential to highlight skills on resume or LinkedIn. (https://www.edx.org).