Kunun Gyada

How to make kunun gyada da shinkafa (Rice and Groundnut drink)
• Prep Time: 30 minutes
• Cook Time: 15 minutes
• Total Time: 45 minutes
• Region: Northern Nigeria
You might think you know everything about drinks in the Northern part of Nigeria but if you haven’t heard of Kunu gyada then you’re still scratching the surface.
Kunun gyada is a popular Northern Nigeria drink. It’s a gruel like drink consisting of rice boiled in groundnut milk. It is usually served in a bowl and more often drunk alone when prepared thin or eaten like porridge when prepared thick. It may also be sweetened with honey or honey to make a savoury dish. Unlike Kunun Zaki which is made from millet and kunun aya which is made from tiger-nuts, Kunun gyada is made with groundnuts and rice and the end result is usually a sweet and sour drink.


• 1 cup Roasted groundnuts with red skin
• ½ cup Rice (Tuwo white rice)
• ¼ Tsamiya (Tamarind) or 1 lemon/lime
• Sugar to taste


Step 1: In a small bowl, Soak the rice in warm water for about 30 minutes. Set this aside

Step 2: In a different bowl, soak the tsamiya for about 30 minutes also in warm water. Set this aside.

Step 3: Peel the skin off from the roasted groundnuts. In pour the groundnuts into a blender, add just a little water and blend till you get a smooth paste. Add water to the paste and sieve the liquid into a medium sized pot.

step 1

Step 4: Cook the groundnut milk and rice on medium heat. You have to watch it closely to prevent it from spilling. Keep stirring from time to time to avoid lumps.

Step 5: When the rice softens, it’s ready. Add the Tsamiya or Lemon/lime juice and Sugar to taste. Serve.

Kunun finished-1


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