Suya – A Taste of Nigeria

The Best of Nigeria’s Street Food

You are preparing for your trip to Nigeria and ask around about the must dos, must see and must eats.  You will be told, “Suya is a MUST see and eat!” You begin to wonder what the big deal about this Suya is or more importantly, you ask “What is Suya?!”  

Suya is the one food that unites Nigerians!

What is Suya?

Well, let me enlighten you about this amazing Suya, a juicy beef (chicken and shrimp available) marinated in spices then grilled to perfection. It looks like Kebab but the meat is thinly sliced. Originally sold by street vendors, suya can now be found at any restaurant. The street vendors typically begin setting up their stall in the later afternoon/early evening filling the streets with the spicy aroma of marinating grilled meat.The line starts to form at the Suya Spot and once it’s ready, you pick your choice of beef, to which the vendors shaves the meat of a stick onto a newspaper. You can then add sliced onions, tomatoes and/or chili/alligator pepper. The meat is already marinated in chili so I always go with no chili/alligator pepper. Suya is generally eaten alone but can also be eaten with Garri (cassava flour) or with Agege Bread (popular local bread), either way the suya will be delicious.

The most popular suya spots in Lagos are Ikoyi Hotel Suya Spot; University of Suya, Allen Avenue, Ikeja; Suya spot, Surulere and Mega Plaza.

Suya has a special effect on Nigerians. The video below sort of captures the love of Suya

Make sure you try suya on your trip to Nigeria or else you haven’t experienced Nigerian cuisine. Suya is the one food that unites Nigerians!