Olajumoke Adenowo


Olajumoke Adenowo


October 16th, 1968

Obafemi Awolowo University

Ibadan, Oyo State


Background and Education

Olajumoke Adenowo was born on October 16th, 1968, in Ibadan, Nigeria. Her mother, Professor Olufunmilayo Oloruntimilehin was an expert in the field of criminology and her father was a professor of History. As a child, her parents raised her to believe that every human regardless of gender is endowed with distinct intellectual abilities that must be developed. Her mother showed her that she could become anything she aspired to be despite existing socio-cultural norms. During her formative years, she went on tours with her parents and visited historical sites in Europe. She always admired the distinct designs of the magnificent buildings at the different places they visited.

Professor Olufunmilayo Oloruntimilehin

In 1978, Adenowo began her secondary education at the Federal Government Girls College (FGGC), Oyo. At FGGC Oyo, Adenowo performed excellently and she received several awards in recognition of her outstanding performance, including the award for Best Overall Student in 1982.

With her creativity and her love for designs, Adenowo developed an interest in Architecture. At the age of 14, she gained admission into one of Nigeria’s prestigious universities, the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. At OAU, she maintained an outstanding academic record and she graduated at the top of her class at age 19.

Adenowo subsequently pursued a Master’s degree in Architecture at the same university and her excellent three-dimensional reasoning ability distinguished her from her peers during her Master’s program. She received several academic awards including the Award for the Best Student in Design and in 1991, she was recognized by the International Biography Center, England in their “Who Will Be Who in the 21st Century” publication. In 1989, Olajumoke successfully completed her Master’s in Architecture program with record-breaking distinction.


Shortly after she graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from OAU, Olajumoke first job was working as an architect with Femi Majekodunmi Associates.  In her new role, she was intent on using her professional platform to promote the Nigerian heritage and to also make a difference. As an employee at the architectural firm, she displayed her enthusiasm and passion for architecture and her memorable experience at the firm was revealed during her interview with CNN African Voices when she said “I was always ready. I would be at the office at 11pm on Sunday when other girls were dancing or something.”

Her boss, who was the President of the International Union of Architects, noticed her passion and he gave her the opportunity to design her first building. That unique opportunity opened the door to several other opportunities for Adenowo and at age 23, she designed the Federal Ministry of Finance in Abuja. This accomplishment signified a huge landmark in her career as an architect.

Bayelsa Eco Industrial Park by AD Consulting.

In 1994, Adenowo established her own company, AD Consulting, an interior design and architecture firm. At AD Consulting, her projects ranged from the design of private houses and educational facilities to corporate and financial institutions. She designs buildings in a way that reflects the cultural heritage of the environment and responds to the realities of the area where the building is located. When designing buildings, she considers socio-economic factors, climate, cultural settings, available technology and aspirations for the future.

As the Principal Partner of AD Consulting, Adenowo has designed and overseen the construction of over 70 outstanding projects for a wide-range of clients including Federal and State governments and multinational companies such as L’Oréal International, Guaranty Trust Bank and Coco-Cola International.

Apart from being passionate about Architecture, Adenowo is also passionate about promoting national development. In 1999, she set out to establish Awesome Treasures Foundation with the aim of raising transformational leaders towards national development.

AD Consulting Studio


Through her Awesome Treasures Foundation, Adenowo has played a role in changing the often pessimistic mindset of young Nigerians and encourages them to think and pursue positive goals. Her foundation has hosted over 91 summits, educated nearly 1,000 inner city kids and empowered over 11,000 women over the last 15 years in Nigeria. She believes that the level of social and economic development that a nation such as Nigeria seeks and desires can only begin with the progressive realization of the potentials and talents of everyone in the nation. More importantly, she believes that real development is propagated and strengthened by the actual members of the society. Her message is not only been shared in Nigeria as she has also been invited to speak at several international conferences and has even mentored successful Nigerian entrepreneurs.

As one of the leading architects in Africa, she portrays Nigeria’s rich culture through her works. Her designs reflect the beliefs and aspirations of Nigerians and the economic realities of the nation. She has received several local and international awards for her innovative designs and has been featured in the world’s foremost Architectural Journal, Architectural Record.  Olajumoke Adenowo is fondly described by CNN’s Africa’s voices as “Africa’s Starchitect”.


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  • what a blessing. I read an article on you in our local news paper and something lite. I this morning googled and saw more of your breathtaking ideas. Indeed you are an archiver and have inspired me so so much at a point of rock bottom and finding myself. I am dreaming BIG not in funds today, but would love to work with you in a special project at my home town. kindly in your own time get in touch with me and if you ever visit Kenya and have a moment call me please please. You are a Blessing and a role model to the African woman.

    Lennah Mbiyu