The Jaw-Dropping Ngwo Cave and Waterfall – Enugu State

An Hidden Wonder of the Milliken Hill, Enugu

A clear river snakes along the forested floor and gracefully plunges into the belly of a massive cave hidden beneath the forest canopies of Milliken Hill.  Here lies Ngwo Cave and its beautiful waterfall.

Hiking down the winding foot paths that leads to the cave, the high sun led me through a large cluster of trees at Ngwo Pine Forest.  As I descended, I was enraptured by the views of the surrounding landscape while fighting my aching legs from the steep hill and hiding from the chilly gusts of wind which seemed to freeze the trickles of sweat on my neck and forehead.Naijatreks_Ngwo Cave1

The hike to the Ngwo Cave seemed to take forever but my local guides reassured me that it would all be worth it.  After about twenty minutes we hit the valley floor and before us lay the beautiful forest canopy adorned with a gently flowing stream of limpid spring waters. Shoes off, we walked barefooted upstream in the water.  The nippy sensation at my feet seemed to quench my thirst, however it was not enough to sate the deep longing for the hidden Ngwo Cave I had heard so much about.

We  soon  discovered  behind the  big  mass  of  rock,  more  caves carefully tucked into the rock, some within reach and others needing a good climb to access.
The stream led into a narrow but high entrance with reddish coloured walls sculpted in limestone and a huge waterfall that descended elegantly from the roof of the cave hitting the floors.  As we made our way deeper into the cave, we were embraced by the splash bubbles from the heavy downpour of crystal clear waters which formed a shallow pool that eventually flowed out as a small stream.  We spent some time bathing in the waterfall and reveling in the blessings nature had to offer us.  Absolute bliss! We soon discovered behind the big mass of rock, more caves carefully tucked into the rock, some within reach and others needing a good climb to access.

Naijatreks_Ngwo Cave3Milliken Hill is a famous tourist attraction in the beautiful coal city of Enugu, Enugu State in Eastern Nigeria.  In 1908, a British expedition team on its way to the middle belt from Awka sighted the hill and in 1909, the colonial government took an interest in its mineral potential sending a team of mining engineers to prospect for silver but instead finding coal.  The Europeans then settled atop Ngwo hill now called Hilltop and constructed the 4.8km long Milliken Hill Road, which was named after the head engineer who designed the road.

If you ever find yourself in Enugu, make sure you don’t leave until you have visited Ngwo Cave.