The Charm of the Shere Hills- The highest elevation on Central Nigeria’s Jos Plateau

Shere Hills Jos Plateau

Some Kilometers away from the heart of Jos, taking a turn from the main road, one is confronted by the picturesque Liberty Lake, beyond-which lies the famous Shere Hills. From the lake, a tarred road shoots across the spill way of the dam and winds through a small settlement, a landscape of low vegetation and is halted by the magnificent pile of massive rock boulders, forming hills that sprawl across the entire landscape as far as the skyline. The piles of boulders form various interesting poise as they stand balanced on one another. These scenic formations are the charm by which the Shere Hills have held her visitors continually spell-bound for decades.

The highest point on the Shere Hills is at Gog and Maggog Formation, where the scenic heap of massive boulders attains a maximum height of about 1,829 meters above sea level. Gog and Maggog is located near the Mountain School of citizenship and leadership Training Center (Man O’ War Bay), where visitors are provided with Military type-adventure. Also, the hills hosted the First All African Scouts Jamboree in 1976.

Shere Hills_Jos Plateau Shere Hills_Jos Plateau