The Showers of Gurara Falls, Niger State

I sat on a stream-worn boulder at the bank of Gurara river and beheld one of the most amazing sights in my country and like a rush of fervid flames, her charm lit a huge fire in my veins. For years and from many miles away, I had heard of Gurara’s enduring jazz of raging waters plunging down a steep 40m-high rocky scarp and meandering its way through the gently rolling plains of Niger State in Central Nigeria.

Who will believe this nature’s wonder is just right here in Nigeria?” I whispered to myself as I raised my eyes to savor the amazing firmament above the waterfalls. Just then the Hausa gatekeeper peeped from a cliff edge behind me and called out, “Oga, shey no wahala o?” (sir, hope you’re fine?). I looked around and thought to myself, How can he think there could ever be a problem in this haven of natural beauty? “No wahala. Sanu megida” (no problem. Thank you), I replied with a broad smile. I walked down a narrow track that led down the river valley from the surrounding plains above, enshrouded by a myriad of isolated trees. The air at the grove was gusty and the energized trees inundated me with a blanket of fresh air that I dared not reject.

Located about 3km off the Minna-Suleja road (the junction is about 1hr from either towns), this enchanting waterfall has great potentials for sport fishing and wildlife viewing. It has also been said that down the river channel, one can view crocodiles living in their natural habitat. Visitor experience to the falls has been improved due to the recently established tourist facilities by the previous Niger State government.