Cross River

1 of 36 Nigerian States
The Nation's Paradise

Year of Creation

February 3, 1967

Size of State

21,050 sq km

Capital City


Other Major Town(s)

Bakassi, Akamkpa, Biase, Etung, Obudu, Ikom

Major Ethnic Group(s)

Efik, Ejagham, Bekwarra, Ogoja, Yala, Mbemba, Bette, Boki, and Utugwang

 Language(s) Spoken

Efik. Bokyi, Ejagham, Igede, and Yala


Tropical climate marked by two distinct seasons. The dry season occurs between November and March, while the rainy season begins in April and lasts till October. Temperature ranges between 29°C and 44°C.

State Website

  • The state received its name from the river that crosses through the state.
  • The native name is Oyono and in 1987, the state of Akwa Ibom was carved out of Cross-River.
  • Shares boundaries with the republic of Cameroon in the East, Benue state in the North, Abia and Anambra state in the West, Ebonyi state in the North West and Akwa Ibom state in the south.
  • Natural Resources: Limestone, Salt, Tin, Granite, Clay, Lead, Uranium

Agbokin Waterfalls

A short distance away from the Nigeria-Cameroon border is the very captivating sight called Agbokim Waterfalls surrounded by green vegetation and highly recommended for picnics.

Cross River National Park

Created from two existing forest reserves, the Bashi-Okwango and Oban Forest, the park is famous for its unique rain forest vegetation which, according to conservation experts, is some of the richest in Africa.  This park contains the last remaining rain forest in Nigeria and is being preserved with the help of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.  It caters to a herd of forest elephants, white-faced monkeys (only indigenous in Nigeria), buffalo, leopards, lowland gorillas, plus over a thousand other animal species.

The Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort

A popular holiday destination for adventurous tourists wishing to explore the remote corners of Nigeria.  Situated in the northeast corner of the state and only 45 miles from the Cameroon border, a tourist can enjoy the countryside of both Nigeria and Cameroon! The landscape is spectacular with rolling grasslands, deep-wooded valleys and waterfalls.  It is best to visit Obudu Ranch in the dry season to avoid the mist and low clouds of the rainy season.  A must see is the Gorilla Camp, with its picturesque walkways to observe gorillas in their natural habitat.

  • Oban Hills and Kwa Falls, Kuya
  • Game Reserve at Okwangwo, Obudu Local Government
  • Boshi Game Reserve
  • Mary Slessor Cottage
  • National Museum, Calabar
  • Carved Stone Monoliths, Alok
  • Calabar Boat Regata
  • State Christmas Festival 1st to 31st of December