1 of 36 Nigerian States
The Fountain of Knowledge

Year of Creation

October 1, 1996

Size of State

6,353 sq km

Capital City


Other Major Town(s)

EfonAlaaye, Aramoko, Otun, Ijero, Ikere, Ido, and Oye-Ekiti

Major Ethnic Group(s)

Ekiti, Yoruba

 Language(s) Spoken



Tropical climate marked by two distinct seasons; the dry season (November – March) and the wet season (April – October)

State Website

  • Ekiti is among the richest in the variety and quality of its traditional arts, music, poetry and witty sayings.
  • There are as many as fifty traditional festivals held annually in the state.
  • The Ekitis are good wood carvers, blacksmiths, ornamental potters, mat weavers and basket makers.
  • The state was carved out of the territory of old Ondo State
  • Natural Resources: Timber, clay, cocoa, kola, coffee, oil palms and citrus

Ikogosi Warm Springs

The warm spring rolls down over a hilly landscape and form a confluence with a cold spring. The lush green vegetation boasts tall evergreen trees, forming a canopy under which visitors can relax. The facilities offer well-furnished chalets for tourists and rooms to host conferences and catering services.

  • Olosunta Hills, Ikere-Ekiti
  • Arinta Waterfall, Ipole-Iloro
  • Fajuyi Memorial Park, Ado Ekiti
  • Ero Dam, Ikun-Ekiti