1 of 36 Nigerian States
Land of Equity

Year of Creation

August 27, 1991

Size of State

41,855 sq km

Capital City

Birni Kebbi

Other Major Town(s)

Dandi, Bunza, Shnaga, Zuru and Argungu

Major Ethnic Group(s)

Hausa, Fulani, Dakarkari, Kabawa, Gungawa, Zabarmawa, Dandawa, Fakkawa and Kambari

 Language(s) Spoken



Tropical climate marked by two distinct seasons; the dry season (November – March) and the wet season (April – October)

State Website

  • Kebbi is one of two states in Nigeria that shares international borders with 2 countries: Republic of Niger and the nation of Benin.
  • It was created out of a part of Sokoto State in 1991.
  • Kebbi State is bordered by Sokoto State, Niger State, Zamfara State
  • Located in the southern portion of the state is Kainji Reservoir, formed by the Kainji Dam further downstream on the Niger River.
  • Natural Resources: Gypsum, Marble, and Kaolin

Argungu Fishing Festival

This colorful annual festival takes place in Arugungu, a riverside town in Kebbi State.  As the leading tourist attraction in the area, the festival started in August 1934 with the late Sultan Dan Mu’azu’s historic visit to Arugungu. It has since become a yearly event held between February and March.  There’s canoe racing, wild duck hunting, bare-handed fishing, diving competitions and naturally, swimming.  Afterwards, there is drinking, singing and dancing into the night.