1 of 36 Nigerian States
The Power State

Year of Creation

May 27, 1967

Size of State

13,930 sq km

Capital City


Other Major Town(s)

Suleja and Bida

Major Ethnic Group(s)

Hausa, Nupe, Kwari, Hausa, Kadara,Koro, Bamba, Fulani, Ganagana, Dibo, Kambari, Kamuku, PananDukkawa, Gade, and Ingwai.

 Language(s) Spoken

Gbari, Gbagyi and Nupe


Tropical climate marked by two distinct seasons; the dry season (November – March) and the wet season (April – October)

State Website

  • This state is the home of 3 hydroelectric power plants including the very first of its kind, the Kanji Power Station completed in 1968.
  • Natural Resources: Talc, gold, ball clays, silica, sand, marble, copper, iron, felsper, lead, kaolin, casserole, columbite, mica, quartzite, and limestone.

Bida Brass Works, Bida Town

Come watch the process by which brass is molded into a vast array of products. It’s a similar method as blacksmithing; the difference is that the brass is placed in a special basin which is also put over fire made by the blowing bellows. The molten brass is later beaten into required shapes and sizes over an anvil. The products are mainly used for decoration, storage and cooking.

  • Gurara Falls
  • Zugurma Park
  • Mungo Park’s Cenotaph
  • Kainji Lake National Park Wildlife/Eco-Tourism
  • Mayanka Water Falls
  • Shiroro Dam Tourist Resort
  •  National Games Park