1 of 36 Nigerian States
The Home of Peace and Tourism

Year of Creation

February 3, 1976

Size of State

58,030 sq km

Capital City


Other Major Town(s)

Wase, Shere, and Barankin/Ladi

Major Ethnic Group(s)

Birom, Angas, Nwanga, Guul, Tiv, Tarah, Geomai, Tal, Fiet, Afizere, Miango, YoumBogghom, Rukuba,Piapung, Gwalla, Montol, Jukun, Challa, Ran Kulere, Pyem, Miship, Mupum, Buji, Kanuri and Nunku

 Language(s) Spoken

Angas, Berom, Goemai, Kofyar, Mwaghavul, Ron, and Tarok


November through February is particularly cold and temperatures below 10°c have been recorded. The months of March and April are particularly warm as the cool rainy season sets in which is heaviest in the months of May through September.

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  • One of the most beautiful states in the country with an unparalleled and unsurpassed scenic beauty.
  • The name “Plateau” is derived from the state’s spectacular geographical landscape.
  • Plateau is surrounded by Bauchi State to the northeast, Kaduna State to the northwest, Nasarawa State to the southwest and Taraba State to the southeast
  • Natural Resources: Tin, Cotton

Jos Wildlife Park

This is the most developed wildlife park in Nigeria covering 85 sq km of land. Its fauna collection includes lions, buffalos, pigmy hippos, horses, birds, crocodiles, pythons and much more. The park also includes restaurants, a children’s playground, and a picnic spot in a pine forest, a wildlife museum and video-viewing center.

Shere Hills

The Shere Hills are a range of undulating hills and rock formations with the highest point at 1,829 meters above sea level. Shere Hills is only about 10 kilometers from the heart of Jos. The hills a very popular with picnickers and attract mountaineers or rock climbers, but can prove to be a challenge to climb.  Also located within the area are the Mountain School of Citizenship and Leadership Training Center (aka Man O’ War Bay), a military type-adventure and training camp for the National Youth Service Corps or for various clubs. In 1976, it was chosen to host the First All African Scouts Jamboree.

Kahwang Bassalt Rock Formation, Jos

A true manifestation of some of nature’s mysteries at Kahwang Bassalt Rock Formation one will observe at the bank and floor of the river carefully laid out bassalt rocks cut out into different shapes and sizes. The river flows over these rocks forming mini waterfalls throughout the year. There are only two such rock formations in the world- the other is the “Giant Cause Way” off the coast of Northern Ireland.

Assop Falls

Assop Falls is another of nature’s gift to Plateau State inhabitants and visitors. Located in a picturesque environment, the water fall has provided an ideal spot for shooting popular television soap operas and advertisements. It is place for picnicking, rock climbing and even swimming. The peaceful environment provides an atmosphere in which one can relax while enjoying wonders of nature’s water fall.

Wase Rock

Located in the outskirts of Wase town about 216 kilometers southeast of Jos is a beautiful massive dome shaped rocky Isenberg, one of the five in the world. The remarkable rock rises to 350 meters above the plain of Wase town is the center of attraction for curious geographers, geologists, mountaineers. It is one of the very few breeding places for white pelican birds in Africa thus an ideal spot for bird watching.

  • National Museum, Jos
  • Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture
  • Jos Zoological Gardens and Zoo
  • Mado Tourists Village