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Clean Ajegunle

The event of the 2nd of May, 2016, will most likely leave a tingle of nostalgia in the minds of some ladies 50 years to this time. At a time when economic meltdown is top on most adult’s mind, environmental sanitation doesn’t seem to be premium task for such people. In the same vein, these are times when making fashion statements or following some social trends which at times have little or no value to them, is the in “thing” amongst young people. For these set of individuals, they would rather channel their time, energy, resources into things in vogue.

One of the major accomplishment of the former Governor of Lagos State, Raji Fashola is the essence of living in and fostering a clean environment. Nearly all nooks and crannies of Lagos State had-and still have- workers sweeping the roads & ensuring dirt stay away from the streets of Lagos. As such, the consciousness of keeping a hygienic environment has been instilled in people, such that, they subconsciously caution themselves from throwing wastes anyhow. Environmental Sanitation has come to stay in the global world & it’s so serious that top organizations in the world have chosen to ensure nations are given due education as to the health implications of having a dirt free environment.

It’s against this backdrop that some young ladies decided to carry out a cleanup exercise in April 2016. THE REFINED BABES NETWORK is a virtual group built on Social Media (Whatsapp). It’s a platform for ladies to learn, unlearn & relearn, with a VISION of raising ladies that are refined in thought, manner, taste and every facet of life. As part of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), of encouraging cleaning culture a cleanup exercise at ACHAKPO, in Ajegunle Community on the 2ND of April, 2016 was initiated.

This project aimed to make a substantial difference in the community to engage the residents and other members of the community, thereby promoting cleanliness and a proper waste disposal culture. The group likewise wanted to use the platform to create awareness on the dangers of environmental pollution. TRBN partnered with other Groups to assist in the cleanup exercise include; Abstinence Icon, Maximum Impact Network (Maxinet), Passion House, Cleanup Nigeria and the Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government. TRBN members & volunteers were warmly welcomed by the Ajeromi local government officials by 7:30am.

The option of Ajegunle was an easy one. Ajegunle is a community in Lagos State with a population 1million+ people and it’s one of the most popular slums in Lagos State. Collaboration with Cleanup Nigeria; a major Non-Profit Organization known for making a difference in it’s sanitation exercises across the Nation; made a decision a successful one.