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George Mason University ASA @ 30!!!

George Mason University ASA @ 30!!!
One of the many student organizations at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia, the African Student Association’s (ASA) mission statement reads: “The African Student Association seeks to unite African and non-Africans by showcasing the diversity, correcting any misconceptions, and educating the community of the beauty of the continent of Africa.” Taking advantage of a large African population at the university based in Northern Virginia, GMU ASA has grown to have a prominent presence in George Mason’s international culture, a symptom of diversity, which the university prides itself on. Among a long string of events every semester, in which all the different facets of African culture are celebrated, the “Royalty Becomes Them – Africa Night 2016” event had a certain uniqueness to it because the GMU African Student Association turned 30.

Obum Egolum, the President of the organization, explained how the organization works, and it is fascinating to see him glowing and smiling when describing the event two days after the Friday, April 8th celebration. On the day of the event, he was busy scrambling around in traditional African clothes, in the Hub Ballroom at George Mason University, making sure everything was going according to plan. With more than 300 people present and a flamboyant host, Mr. Cocoyam, who entertained the audience with many belly aching jokes which could steal a laugh from anybody, the event carried on seamlessly with musical and dance performances throughout the whole evening.

In short, the African Student Association, whose vibrant and passionate members represent Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Eretria, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Senegal, Rwanda, Gambia, Zambia, and Nigeria can look back at “Royalty Becomes Them – Africa Night 2016” as a festive occasion during which their culture was celebrated with fervor and pride.