Gbajumo Osere is a popular Yoruba socio-cultural television talk programme. The name loosely translates to “Famous Artist”, hence it focuses largely on famous Yoruba artists, serving as a platform that presents the Yoruba culture in unapologetic and non-patronizing manner.

The show was conceptualized in 2011 and has recorded a whopping 152 episode in front of a live studio audience, which airs on a number of local and international channels like Africa Magic channel 157, LTV, OSBC, BCOS, GOTV channel 4, etc. The idea of the show was theorized in April 2010 by Ariyike Oladipupo, who is also the producer of the Nigerian soap operas, Dear Mother and Spider. The show is spoken in Yoruba language and recently features English subtitles.

The programme has a modern touch that seamlessly blends in tradition. It has a cultural eclecticism that quickly captivates the audience and inspires them to identify with their Yoruba roots, hence making it a rare cultural ambassador of its kind.


The thirty minute show begins as the presenter Doyin Kukoyi dances onto the set to a gangan (talking) drum and welcomes the audience. She introduces herself in her unique style and gives a vague description of the guest in order to stir curiosity. She then welcomes the guest, briefly interviewing them with questions about their family background, their success story and personal lives.

The main programme is divided into three segments:

  1. Sho Laya? (Are you brave?)
  2. Oju Abe ()
  3. Gbajumo Njo (Famous Dances)

The Sho Laya segment tests the cultural knowledge of the artist, where the celebrity is tasked to pick from a stack of folded papers and answer three questions about Yoruba proverbs.

Oju Abe is the next pre-recorded segment that features fans of the artist asking unrestricted questions, getting up and personal with their favorite celebrity.

Gbajumo Njo crowns the programme. It involves a dance contest between the presenter and guest artist to Yoruba classics. Though the presenter often wins, (spoiler alert!), the artist is appreciated with gifts from the programme’s sponsors.

Though the show faces several challenges such as maintaining viewership due to its unscheduled time slots, Gbajumo Osere is an innovative and entertaining show, reflecting the Nigerian indigenous culture.