Author - Funto Oyewole

Funto OyewoleFunto Oyewole is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Midwestern University, Illinois. She was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and she relocated to New York City with her family at the age of 18. Funto has a passion for teaching and impacting the lives of others for good. She works at a state psychiatric hospital and is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the RCCGNA Seminary, where she teaches counseling courses. Funto is also a writer and in 2012, she self-published her first book titled ‘Lasgidi Blues’, a collection of short stories.

Funto is passionate about Nigeria because of its vast human and natural resources. In the midst of the recent negative attention on Nigeria, she believes that The 234 Project will help challenge the negative impressions of Nigeria as well as educate the world about the wealth of the nation of Nigeria. Funto is proud and honored to be a part of this Project.


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