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House of Tara



The history of makeup and its implications in modern society has been a subject of fascination to women all over the world. Beauty standards may have changed throughout the years, but the importance of beauty in self-image has remained the same. This simple concept of  beauty  in makeup sparked a multi-award winning business that launched a movement in Nigeria.  

Primary goal is to elicit beauty in black women, by black women


House of Tara International is a pioneer in women’s excellence and empowerment. Founded in 1998 by CEO Tara Fela-Durotoye, House of Tara is a multi-faceted beauty company that has provided many growth and employment opportunities for women in Nigeria and various regions in West Africa. The company’s sound philosophy is reflected in all aspects of their business, from Research & Development to marketing principles, have inspired many followers and believers to their cause.

Under the leadership of Durotoye, House of Tara established many firsts in the Nigerian beauty industry, these include Nigeria’s very first bridal directory in 1999, bridal seminars in 2000, and an outstanding makeup school and makeup studio in 2004. Their vision for the successful future of their industry involves thoughtful teaching practices and creative entrepreneurial initiatives. Their organizational structure is solid, combining creative, commercial, and operational divisions resulting in a truly innovative corporation. After 16 years of excellence in the business, House of Tara now boasts over 21 makeup studios and over 3000 beauty representatives all over Nigeria and continually expanding each day. In addition, Durotoye has also created an innovative product line that has proven to be as marketable as it is impressive.


House of Tara’s creative approach to business has garnered unprecedented success in Nigeria’s thriving economic market. They have been awarded not only for their entrepreneurial achievements but also for their cultural accomplishments. Their positive economic and sociocultural impact in Nigeria is undeniable. They have managed to create and sustain a thriving business culture, whose primary goal is to elicit beauty in black women, by black women.

They take social responsibility seriously and actively support the community through fundraising efforts in breast cancer research and awareness. House of Tara International continues to inspire change and provide opportunities for change, not only for Nigerian women but also for other women and people throughout the nation and its neighboring countries in Africa.