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Afropolitan Vibes vs Felabration

Afropolitan Vibes and Felabration are two concerts that celebrate Nigerian music and a must-see when visiting Lagos. These events add essence to the social fiber of the country and are raved about long after they are done. Drawing a comparison between these two musical events allude to their uniqueness as described below.

  1. Occurrence: This is a major difference between the two events. Afropolitan Vibes is held monthly while Felabration is an annual fest. As simple as this difference may appear, the frequency affects the level of excitement and anticipation for concert goers. Multiple Afropolitan Vibes events in a year means one can still make some if missed but since Felabration happens once a year, it tends to demand more rave because of fewer occurrences.
  1. Venue: Afropolitan Vibes holds on Lagos Island in an open air venue at Freedom Park, where alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at an outdoor bar and seating capacity for about 200 people. On the other hand, Felabration is held indoors at the New Afrika Shrine, a relatively smaller in size and typically filled with foggy smoke of hemp. 
  1. The Crowd: Lagos Island where Afropolitan Vibes is held is known for glamour and glitz while Felabration on Lagos mainland maintains grit, sweat and survival. These two geographical locations bring different crowds where Afropolitan Vibes attracts mostly middle class and elite seeking a relaxed spot making for a less rowdy crowd whereas Felabration brings all walks of life looking for an upbeat exhilarating atmosphere. 
  1. Guest Artistes: At the Afropolitan Vibes, artistes perform through invitation to a live band hence are tested on their vocal skills. Felabration operates both by invitation for A-list artistes and by auditioning, for up and coming artistes. The performances are much more hyped with much lip syncing and engaging on-stage presence.
  2. Gate Fee: One of the main reasons why so many flock to Felabration is because it’s free. Though Afropolitan Vibes charges no ticket fees for performances, the venue, Freedom Park does charge an entrance/administrative fee of N500.