3 Breathtaking Waterfalls to Visit in Nigeria

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Nigeria is blessed with many breathtaking waterfalls

Nigeria is blessed with many breathtaking waterfalls. Some consist of limpid waters plunging down high and steep cliffs, or multiple cascades of  fresh waters flowing into a single river course, while other falls are small cool spring waters cruising down vertical piles of gorgeously crafted stone blocks all surrounded  by verdant foliage of the Nigerian rain forest.

  1. Farin Ruwa Waterfalls

Farin Ruwa is regarded as the most beautiful waterfall in Nigeria. Its waters vaults off a cliff and descends the steep slopes of a mountainous escarpment that delivers a roaring welcome. The name “Farin Ruwa” is a Hausa language word that translates to “White Waters”, an apt description of its clean, crystal clear showers. A view from its grand height of 150m, one experiences a sense of awe and grandeur that the locals often regard it as sacred. Farin Ruwa is located along the boundary of Bokkos and Wamba Local Government Areas, in Plateau and Nassarawa States, respectively.

  1. Olumirin Waterfalls

Also known as “Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls”, this awe-inspiring falls is an assemblage of seven distinct waterfalls located on the lush Effon  Ridge in Erin-Ijesha town, Osun state, southwest Nigeria. The waters flow through a massive cleft rock that lies beneath vegetal canopies which allows a few sunrays to penetrate and cast a subtle blue-green hue. The gigantic Effon Ridge which can be seen along the Ilesa-Akure expressway, towers into the skyline and serves as spectacular backdrop for the sleepy towns of Erin-Oke, Erin-Ijesha and Erinmo.

  1. Awhum Waterfalls

The journey to Awhum Falls is a thirty-minute drive from the capital city of Enuguin eastern Nigeria and consists of winding roads that snake through a stretch of steep, albeit picturesque hills dissected by stream channels with exposed coal beds at its valley floors. The hills jut to the skies and can be seen on both sides of the Enugu-9th mile express road. The Awhum community plays host to the marvelous Awhum Falls made up of multiple cascades that plunge into a tight, long limestone cave tunnel at the bottom of a deep valley. The waterfall is protected by the Awhum community Catholic Monastery Guards.