Akwa Ibom

1 of 36 Nigerian States
Land of Promise

Year of Creation

August 27, 1991

Size of State

6,187 sq km

Capital City


Other Major Town(s)

IkotEkpene, Abak, Eket, Ibeno

Major Ethnic Group(s)

Ibibio, Anang, and Oron

 Language(s) Spoken

Ibibio, Anaang, Igbo


Tropical climate marked by two distinct seasons; the dry season (November – March) and the wet season (April – October)

State Website

  • Strategically located in the southeast flank of the country, it is part of the South Zone, which accounts for more than ninety percent of Nigeria’s wealth.
  • It’s also positioned midway between the two port cities of Calabar and Port Harcourt
  • Akwa Ibom is known for its abundance of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and agricultural produce.

Wild Life Parks

Within the Mbo/UquoIbeno local government are two reserves—a coastal and in-land forest. Both offer amazing opportunities for bird watching, fresh water fishing, insect collection and animal husbandry of unusual wool-less sheep, small hunch-backed cattle, land snails and a variety of crayfish, prawns, clams, crabs and lobsters. You can also observe rare species of African fauna alongside elephants, leopards, rhino, antelope, and monkeys.

Ibeno Beach

A notable tourist attraction that stretches over 330 km along the Atlantic Coastline and offers a wide range of water sporting activities.

  • Oron Museum: housing a collection of fine African carvings
  • Opobo Boatyard, Ikot Abasi
  • Igbo Ukwu Archaeological Monuments Reservations
  • Agudu Lake/Gully Natural
  • Aguleri Game Reserve Eco-Tourism