1 of 36 Nigerian States
The Heartbeat of the Nation

Year of Creation

August 27, 1991

Size of State

17,450 sq km

Capital City

Benin City

Other Major Town(s)

AkokoEdo, Esan, Ikpoba-Central, Orhionwon and Uhunmwonde

Major Ethnic Group(s)

Bini, Esan, Etsako, Akoko-Edo, and Owan

 Language(s) Spoken

Ebira, Edo, Esan and Okpamheri


Tropical climate marked by two distinct seasons; the dry season (November – March) and the wet season (April – October)

State Website

Research shows that the Portuguese & English were amazed at the level of governance and structure that they found in the Benin Empire thus they were able to quickly develop a strong mercantile relationship as early at 1485.

It is bounded in the north and east by Kogi State, in the south by Delta State and Ondo State in the west.

Natural resources: Timber, Gypsum, Rubber, Quartzite, Marble, Clay, Limestone, Chalk, Gypsum, Gold, Petroleum, Kaolin and Lignite

City Wall and Moat, Benin City

The most impressive city walls and moats in southern Nigeria at 9 m high walls and moat depth also 9m deep nine meters deep. Unfortunately the past few years the walls and moats have seen extensive soil excavation the walls and moats and may not be enjoyed by tourists in the future.

Chief Ogiamen’s House, Benin City

This building is protected under the Antiquities Act of 1953, principally because of its design eminence depicting Benin traditional architecture, showcasing an elaborate system of courtyards and altars. As a chief’s house, it was built before the 1897 British expedition against Benin, which still stood after a big fire gutted the city resulting from the British invasion.

  • Oba’s Palace in Benin City
  • Sakpoba Holiday Resort
  • Ogba Zoo
  • Emotan Statue
  • Okomu National Park
  • Ososo Tourist Center